Binary or Digital Options have the unique property to have only one of two values. For example, “yes” and “no”, “black” and “white” or “profit” and “loss”. We offer Binary Options on many underlying assets. An asset is at the base of your option. It can be an index, a commodity, a currency or a stock. You can read that in another lesson.
“Did you know that a car insurance is somehow a kind of Binary Option? In case of an accident the insurance company will pay your bill, otherwise it won’t. The financial market is very similar, you will generate a profit for proper judgment, otherwise you won’t.”

In our “60 Seconds“ section you will find Binary Options with terms as short as possible, which contrast with those listed in our long term section. Basically they work the same way as our plain vanilla Binary Option, except for expiring at a short rate. It’s a significant advantage, since you are not forced to wait for certain intervals, but rather trade them any time you want.
“No matter what time intervals you prefer to trade, always stick to your strategy. The shorter the interval the faster you know your trading result. This means you have to process new input quickly. But always remember: Power lies in peace!”

Long Term Binary Options are similar to our plain vanilla Binary Options. They only differ in the time to expiration. It ranges from one week to over a year in the future. We give you the possibility to diversify your investments based on different time horizons. You should consider that long term investments may be advantageous to you, but on the other hand you will not be able to react quickly to any significant market events. Your money will be tied unless you sell off current long term positions.
“Did you know that in the last 87 years from the beginning to the end of the year the Dow Jones Index rose 59 and fell 28 times? Your trades should always be based on observations.”



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